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From brooding_soul, who never fails to make me giggle hysterically. Ever.

He's bored. He writes a list of 104 Things To Do When You're Bored.

17. Check email.
18. Check livejournal.
19. Get a glass of white grape juice from the fridge.
20. When passing chocolate chip cookies on way to fridge, tell said cookies that no, they may not move into your stomach.
21. Because you said so, that's why.
22. Dammit, you're not going to argue with some punk-ass cookies. They're cookies. You're smarter than that.
23. Eat a cookie.
24. Cry because you have no willpower.
25. Realize how cold you are.
26. Go stand outside to soak up the sun.
27. Try not to get Sheryl Crow songs stuck in your hand.
29. Go back inside.
30. Check email.
31. Check livejournal.

Go read the whole thing. Awesome.
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