Debbie L. (thorne1966) wrote in metaquotes,
Debbie L.

oktoberain, From a rant, posted after an infuriating discussion with a member of the 'Log Cabin Republicans'

"Being poor and trying to work your way out of poverty is a lot like playing the lottery...but with special rules. In THIS lottery, rich people get to decide which numbers you're allowed to play.

"Oh let's see here...AH! No, you can't play number 8. Or 15. Or 21. Or 27. Uh-oh...34, 35 and 36 are DEFINITELY out. Hmmm. Just to be sure, let's toss out number 1. And 3. And 6. And 11. And 12. And 13. Aw heck, this is getting to be a bit complicated. I'll tell ya what; you're not allowed to play ANY number below 28, or above 34. Okay, all done here!


you can read the whole thing here...

Her odd analogies are one of a million things that i love about her...
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