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Another song about Gaston, courtesy of petshoos...

No one's big as Gaston
Breaks a twig like Gaston
No one has a huge eye in their mid like Gaston
For there's no storm in town half as manly
Perfect, a pure paragon
You can ask Alex, Bonnie, or Charley
And they'll tell you whose team they prefer to be on

No one charged like Gaston
Flipped big cars like Gaston
No one ruins a person's day quite like Gaston
As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating
My what a storm, Gaston

Give five "hurrahs!"
Give twelve "hip-hips!"
Gaston rains the best
And the rest is all drips

No one's breeze like Gaston
Knocks down trees like Gaston
No one kills a fun shopping spree quite like Gaston
For there's no one as burly and brawny
As you see I've got wind gusts to spare
Not a bit of him's scraggly or scrawny (That's right!)
And ev'ry last inch of me's covered with hail!...

When I was Cat 1 I ate one house a day
Ev'ry morning to help me get large
Now I'm a Cat 5, I eat whole city blocks
So I'm roughly the size of a barge

No one rains like Gaston
Has big winds like Gaston
Then goes tromping around killing woods like Gaston
I use cyclones in all of my decorating
Say it again
Who's a storm among men?
And then say it once more
Who's the T.D. next door?
Who's a super success?
Don't you know? Can't you guess?
Ask his Carolina friends!
There's just one storm in town who's knocked all of it down
And his name's G-A-S- T -
G-A-S-T - E -
G-A-S-T-O - oh!

Anyone else want to go watch Beauty and the Beast now?
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