Myriad (myriad69) wrote in metaquotes,

Once again the brilliant valerie_z cracks my shit up. And Taunts the Shrub, which is never not funny.

Having the RNC in New York is like going to a party where, not only were you not invited, but they sent you a letter to let you know that you're not invited.

I wish I could go to some of the smaller protests during this week, but I'll be really busy planning for my own party, which takes place this Saturday, which George W is not invited to.

Ha ha, George W. Everyone in the world is invited EXCEPT YOU. If weird internet furry people want to come, they are welcome, BUT YOU ARE NOT. And while I'm sure the RNC will have some good food and stuff, they will not have Valerie's homemade chocolate cheesecake. And the one place in New York where you could get Valerie's homemade chocolate cheesecake, you are not invited. Now you're sorry you decided to be evil, you fuck.
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