Tiara (divabat) wrote in metaquotes,

From chipperazzi, after ranting about how her dad's trying to get her into uni at the worst possible time...
(locked post, quoted with permission)

Dear sir,

My name is Azreen Zahira Mohamad Draim. In the past year I have attended not one, not two, but three programmes of higher education. One I passed. The other two bombed rather unpleasantly in a haze of alcohol, cigarettes and fucking drama-queen bitches.

Therefore I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your discretion in admitting me as a freshman in a semester when there aren't any freshmen. I intend to waste my parents' money again by taking courses which have nothing to do with the degree I'm planning to commit to. Oh, I dunno, maybe I'll pick up the trombone again since my parents dashed those dreams ages ago when I was a spineless teenager who believed they knew what they were doing. Or perhaps, since I now know that they have no fucking clue about what I want, I should do a course in mechatronics and get my arm sliced off my a robot. At least then I'll actually be a charity case as opposed to just a spoilt brat whose daddy knows the right people.

Oh, and since I don't have a license to drive yet I'm sure you wouldn't mind picking me up from home and sending me back after classes because sure as hell I'm not going to stay in a fucking dorm when my house is perfectly comfortable and in the same city and there's a backroad shortcut to the university somewhere.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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