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Free Waldo, man!

You know it's bad when a friend makes a comment over AIM about your recent livejournal entry and you beg him to put it in a comment so it can be metaquoted.

But with stuff like this, can you blame me?

Where's Waldo? You want to know what's wrong with Where's Waldo? I'll tell you what's wrong with Where's Waldo.

Where's Waldo is very culturally and socially oppressive. Forcing small children to hunt down a man who works so hard to cameoflague himself, obviously not wanting to be found...

Sure it teaches tenacity, hunting for Waldo, but it also teaches children never to let an issue just die. Waldo doesn't want to be found, doesn't want to be seen, but does that stop the children? No. They just keep hunting him down, singling him out with a loud "THERE'S WALDO!!", making him a spectacle...it's horrible.

People that grow up to commit hate crimes? Singling out a single person for some difference? When they do that, they're all envisioning that red and white striped hat. That's why I've never killed anyone. I never read Where's Waldo.

THAT'S what's wrong with Where's Waldo.
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