Slyfoot (slyfoot) wrote in metaquotes,

Thirty-two Pounds Worth Of Balls

Heh, now for a little double entendre humor nicked with permission from a Friend's Only entry by jonnorthwood

Don't get me wrong: if I intend for something to sound salacious or ridiculous, I don't mind it; however, if it's not completely intentional, I just get embarrassed.

M: *points to new bowling ball*
M: Yeah, I'm going in to get drilled today: the guy at Park Lanes will do it for free.
R: *giggle*
M: I'm eventually going to have to get a new bag, though: mine's not big enough.
R: *giggle*
M: What? Each of my balls is sixteen pounds, and I'm not comfortable having a separate bag for each ball.
R: *gigglesnort*
M: Dude, If I'm going to be walking around with thirty-two pounds worth of balls, I need a bigger bag, and it's got to have wheels.
R: *laugh*
M: *thinks about what was just said*
M: *facepalm*
M: Right. Ummmm ... I'm going upstairs now and getting to work
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