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It's Long 'Cause There're Four.

(1) The very quoteable bumbled. Used with permission.

Namely, SWIMMERS. God bless Speedos. Oh dear, oh dear. It's so nice. Totally ripped young men crawling with new found testosterone as water drips of their chiseled bodies. It's so NICE.

What a great sport.

*sigh* I have, like, 3 favorites. Swimmers, that is. Who I totally respect for their athletic integrity and minds...and other stuff.

(2) My good friend, lilizzle:

alright. chakita banana queeen of the goth and hideous kinky is here, we are contemplating life and watching the storm outside. we've talked over much, and come to but one conclusion: Dennis Quaid is the worst actor to ever live.

(3) I've grown weary of reading surveys. thebeeskneez:

-- What's the best feeling in the world?: A tounge in the mouth.
-- Worst Feeling?: Chemical burn.

(4) natertots's interesting rationale.

In other news.... if Scarlett Johansson is going to sink that low (sex with Benicio Del Toro) she may as well just sleep with me, dammit.
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