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"Good news for Jesus: you just beat Wicca, 26185 to 26173
Bad news for Jesus: You lost to Adult Swim, 26185 to 26244

Sleeping (170762) and anime (158110) both beat out sex (150617). Are we gonna have a continuation-of-the-species problem here? Get to work, people! (And "children" didn't even make it onto the most-popular list.) On the other hand sex (150617) did beat food (120820) quite handily. Nice to see not all your priorities are whacked. Except.... if you add up food (120820) and eating (59203) the total (180023) is almost 20% more popular than sex. D'OH! I take it back, you people really are all screwed up. Less talk, more monkey!

--nminusone on which interests rank highest against others. Whole hysterical post here.

honorable mention to
weswilson who pointed me at this.
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