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For those not in the know, pottersues is the LJ of someone who delves into the Harry Potter section of to find the most god-awful HP fanfic possible, which is then posted for people to snark at, critique, and otherwise amuse ourselves. Some of the past findings include a fic where (and I wish I was kidding about this) Dumbledore summons up Jesus, yes, the son of God, to help fight Voldemort.

In any case, today's entry was a crossover between Harry Potter and the TV show Alias, which produced the following comments:

ticca: This one would be better if there were lesbians. Yes.

eofs: There are some things even lesbians can't save. I'm sorry, but that's just the way life is.

ticca: Woe! Speak not these horrible untruths to mine ears!
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