Uvula of Mass Destruction (resmiranda) wrote in metaquotes,
Uvula of Mass Destruction

Harry Potter and the Exploding Fandom

titanic_days : So the fandom isn't getting downsized?
titanic_days : Administration will be the first to go.
tromboneborges : No, I suspect the fandom is getting way upsized, actually.
titanic_days : Does our budget allow for this?
tromboneborges : Not at all.
tromboneborges : We will thus be making owlman work triple overtime.
titanic_days : Good, increased productivity - that's what I like to see
tromboneborges : Many Insane Incoherent Squeeing Fangirls, however, will have to be let go, as we expect an entirely new crop to arrive.
titanic_days : Well, I'm happy to interview for the posts
titanic_days : How much experience are we looking for?
titanic_days : I'd like to discount any CVs that don't have at least two years experience in associated fandoms, viz. Buffy, Angel, Lord of the Rings and Gundam Wing for some reason.
tromboneborges : I feel that is reasonable. References must be provided from harried well-known authors in those fandoms who have had their review boards filled by netspeak-laden reviews crushing heavily on their characters.
tromboneborges : Also, they will have to provide their own LJ codes and Yahoo accounts.
titanic_days : Well, we have limits
tromboneborges : We are running out of LJ codes, also.
tromboneborges : Also, essays will have to be written if you are applying to have a user name which purports you to be the significant other or spouse of one of the new characters introduced in OotP.
titanic_days : More references? Good plan.
titanic_days : We have a long history of quality fangirling. Let's try not to fuck it all up now
titanic_days : It only takes one bad one to ruin the whole crop

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