River Blue (ex_riverblue937) wrote in metaquotes,
River Blue

It Depends...

Upon philosophical reflection today, I was thinking about Comedy vs. Tragedy in Death, as I am attempting to write a discourse on the same. I currently volunteer at a local grocery-shopping-for-the-elderly-who-cant-leave-their-homes-anymore organization. I didn't think about it at first, but this happens more than a couple times already. Every now and then, a geezer croaks sometime between the time they placed their grocery order, and the next day when we do the actual shopping for them.

This is how this scenario always unfolds:

1. Spend forty-five minutes with shopping cart walking through grocery store with grocery list order, finding said items and placing them in the cart as I go.
2. Bring shopping cart with filled order to the check-out lane that is open specifically for my organization.
3. Organization leader at the store then walks up and asks me to go put all the grocery items back on the shelf, as so-and-so (whom I've just filled an order for) just passed away.
4. Reflect upon placing an order for a dead person.
5. Reflecting further and asking, "Is this humorous tragedy, or tragic comedy?"
6. Even further, "Did I just spend time looking for the right kind of Depends requested by the recently deceased?"
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