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I just noticed something this morning. (It was still *technically* morning.) We have a canister of baby powder. It is labelled "MILD" in large, reassuring letters. The implications of this label are frightening. It must necessarily refer either to flavour or to texture.

This must mean that either there is a spicier version labelled either as "HOT" or "WILD," or that there is a coarser version. Most people don't buy baby powder for the flavour, and they definitely don't want capsaicin on their children's butts or in their shoes. This suggests that there has to be a coarser ground baby powder. It's probably labelled "HARSH," in big, imposing letters that smack of impending doom. The thing is, though, talc is pretty soft. It's probably pretty hard to keep it thick and chunky. I'll bet they supplement the grains of talc with pieces of crushed glass.

aetherealcreepy, (with permission) here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/aetherealcreepy/35045.html

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