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A little goes a LONG way

tviokh on

Moving on, someone here has FOUL smelling lotion. I think it's supposed to smell of berries or happy fun time spring fantasy, but what it really smells like is a chemical lemon scented cleaner imxed with rotting fruit.
And whoever has it has been bathing in it at their desk.
Does this person not have working olfactory bulbs?!
Even if they don't, could they not ask an independent source, "Excuse me, does my lotion smell like ROTTING ASS?" before they squeeze the contents of the bottle on every patch of exposed skin?
Clearly nobody asked for my opinion as my reply would be (after picking myself up off of the floor), "Yes. Yes, your lotion does smell like rotting ass."

Rotting ass scented lotion aside, there's someone else who seems to be an aficionado of Designer Imposters perfume. Just a tip, it doesn't smell like CK One, mmmkay? It smells like cheap perfume, which is what it IS!
I get the feeling that Rotting Ass Lotion User moonlights as Cheap Perfume Aficionado.
It's like super powers really; they always win because people want to GET AWAY from the smell or they just plain pass out or run away vomiting after a few moments.

The call center is something akin to a modern day gas chamber today.
I'd rather stick my head inside a dirty, hooded litterbox.
At this point, ammonia laced cat pee would smell better.
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