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yay classical music humor

Today I've spent approximately 1.5 hours on the phone with the IRS trying to get my tax transcript for 2003 so that my student loan money can be given the school. Why 1.5 hours, do you ask?

Call number two (because I choose to start this story in the middle) was approximately 45 minutes, 40 of those were spent on hold listening to poorly played renditions of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, the Nutcracker Suite, and some other piece that I didn't know. Not only were they poorly played, but hearing them through one ear via the quality of a telephone line gave the music a presence that can only be rivaled by Loenard Bernstein conducting the Youngstown Symphony after he smoked some Opium and was shrunken down to a size that fits nicely inside a baby food jar then conducting from inside said baby food jar with the audience listening in the lobby with the doors closed.

- from wil_e
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