And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

Ouch. From discussion of a Christian-'Sue-in-Troy...

Author: She was A special creation he didn’t see how she was born this way and gave her extra powers since he favored her for sweetness.

Genesis 3
27. And lo, Adam and Eve did have a daughter after Cain journeyed to the land of Nod, and they named her Maryl. But Maryl was born with powers not meant for humans, and when THE LORD learned of this, He said: Hey, wait, whoa. How'd that happen?
28. Maryl ran from her kin, for she had super speshul magick powars and was mocked, as is good and right. But THE LORD took pity on her, and he said:
You know, you're really sweet. Even though I hate sorcery, I'm gonna give you more super speshul magick powars.
29. And thus Maryl became THE LORD's protector, for obviously THE LORD could not look out for himself.
And it was not good.

fangwen: But just wait until the chapter where she saves all those poor babies from Herod liek omg!!!

Anonymous: And then descends on Pilate with her fiery arrows and saves Jesus's life! With her superduper speshel powers, she liek makes to so he dont have to die at all1!!!111
Oh, wait...damn.

And one more...

dragoness_kaei: Damnit why can't these stupid suethors leave the Greeks alone. We give you philosophy, we give you your system of government, and what do we get? A bunch of Sues.
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