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'Potter's hand slipped between their bodies to rub at the bugle in his Quidditch robes'

Bwah! I can just see it.

"Oh, Malfoy, you're so horny."

"Shut up and blow me, Potter"

Draco's orgasm was like music ringing in his ears.

and then arundhathi and swmbo start to discuss it in the comments...

swmbo: So you're saying that there's a good chance he could score?
arundhathi: Well, I guess it's possible. He doesn't like to blow his own trumpet.
swmbo: Well, that's to be expected - Harry and Draco did start their relationship off on a sour note.
arundhathi: Yeah, but they're trying to keep things uptempo now.
swmbo: And maybe one day they'll be able to live together in perfect harmony.
arundhathi: Maybe. But knowing Draco, it's unlikely that they'll be able to do it without fanfare.
swmbo: True. But hopefully he'll respond to Harry's overture.
arundhathi: Nah, I think he'll always want to make a song and dance about things.
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