And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen (_redpanda_) wrote in metaquotes,
And The Clocks Were Striking Thirteen

It's the "throwing Del Monte" part that kills me...

[NOTE: "the cur" = scurvy *G*]

Things have gotten drastic in my home state - the grocery stores are pushing cantaloupes and peaches as our state delicacies, and I'm thinking, what about the poor beef jerky manufacturers who are gonna lose business by all the people won over to the C side? Their kids have to eat, too! Not to mention this is a semi-arid climate, and growing the C-heavy fruits DAMAGES the ecosystem. I pointed all this out to the grocery store manager, but he just said the beef jerky was in aisle 5. like, this PITIFUL little display not even a tiny fraction the size of the produce section. Which they put at the front of the store just to upset me. I bet they're paid off to say stuff like "If you don't stop yelling and throwing Del Monte, you're going to have to leave." Anyway, before I beaned him with a grapefruit, I detected a bit of pro-cur sympathy in his eyes - and maybe when he recovers from the concussion, he'll be scarred for life from being injured by a grapefruit, and we'll win one more person for the cur.

Bitches. All of 'em.

-- altoidsaddict in pro_scurvy...and if you don't get the joke, try glancing at pro_ana sometime. I take no responsibility for your eyes bleeding. ;)
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