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Why Owlet Is More Het than Gay

from snowy_owlet's journal:

Owlet: I like you.
Girl: Love between women upsets the gyno-oppressive order of the patriarchy.
Owlet: You smell good.
Girl: By admitting our attraction for each other, we step outside the boundaries of acceptibility and into the untamed wilderness of our own choices.
Owlet: Wanna make out?
Girl: *quotes poetry*
Owlet: No, seriously. Wanna make out?
Girl: Physical affection can never fully express the spiritual and intellectual nature of our bond.
Owlet: Is that a no?
Girl: No, that's a yes.
Owlet: WAHOO! Get over here!
Girl: But wait! Before we dive into these uncharted waters, we have to process!
Owlet: No we don't.
Girl: We have to explore the ramifications of these actions on our relationship.
Owlet: No ramifications. Orgasms.
Girl: Will this open inner doors to our darkest emotional pain? Will we devolve into patriarchal power relationships?
Owlet: Orgasms! Orgasms!
Girl: We have been taught that friendships between women are affectionate but remain nonsexual.
Owlet: *whine*
Girl: And in these relationships, does physicality even have a place? Because we are emotionally in sync, does our relationship not transcend the body and enter the realm of the spirit?
Owlet: *cry*
Girl: In exploring the freedom from traditional relationships, we also gain freedom from the expression of those relationships. We can, in effect, construct a new paradigm of our own choosing of how to behave, how to love.
Owlet: zzzzzzzzzz
Girl: In this paradigm, we find the deepest imagery that speaks to our unhealed wounds. We ... Owlet!
Owlet: *snerk* What? I was listening. Paradigms. Yadda yadda.
Girl: I'm ready to make out now.
Owlet: *sigh* I've totally lost my edge.

there're some great comments too, but this is long enough already.
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