Was I in it? (alligatorandme) wrote in metaquotes,
Was I in it?

That time of the month

shawk analyzes a befuddlingly new variation on a feminine product:

Now, in my experience, the only time the noise of unwrapping a pad would even remotely be an issue is if one is in a public restroom, but then one assumes you'd be in a women's public restroom, and the vast majority of women who would be in a public restroom will not be startled or disturbed by the crinkling of a pad being unwrapped, as at least once a month, these woman have probably managed to deal with this horrifying issue.

Unless whoever (read: some man) came up with this brilliant concept thinks that women are such delicate creatures that they will expire in embarassment at someone knowing that they are using a pad?

Read the rest here! Really, do it.
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