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A few highlights from today's fpage:

kickouttheiambs hears some interesting ads:

Last night we heard an ad on Clear Channel classic rock radio that announced the Pittsburgh Freemasons' yearly open house. There was an invitation to bring the family and to spend a day on a retreat and "earn a whole year's worth of points in a day." There was a toll free number for more information. At the end of the commercial, the announcer said, "Remember, only Freemasons can advance to become Shriners. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!"

rosaleendhu is cleaning under her bed for the first time in years. She's found all sorts of things, including:

Sweet Valley High books. (Mom asked me what I'm going to do with them and I replied, "Stare in horror.")

(I grinned with amusement, sympathy, and rememberance.)

agentfroot laments about computer stock:

(At CompUSA)
Ade: They had a section for gender changers, but I was disappointed. It was just plugs and cables.
Dad: Someday you will get professional help...
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