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Oddly enough, my grandpa told me the same thing...

i walk in and mr mckee is sitting in the family room. i can't say i didn't foresee something obnoxious coming, but i wouldn't have guessed in a million years that he would babble on to me for about 10 minutes how he was vigorously encouraging ralph to be friends with all the sophomore football players. because "then, if he ever has any trouble with anyone in school, he can just let them know! ahahahaha! it's all about alliances, anney. you got those guys on your side, you've got your back covered. you know they can always pound a guy or two for you. yep, football players...definitely the prime choice of friends..."
and i'm like "sir, you do know that i just came home from marching band practice..."

--_suckapunch in an entry here about her day.
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