Bites The Sun (bites_the_sun) wrote in metaquotes,
Bites The Sun

Oh, and the founder of the bookyoucrew is also a moderator of the flickyoucrew (movies), the fuckyoucrew (music), the boozeyoucrew (alcoholic beverages?!!) and of course the humpyoucrew (top twenty people you'd fuck). Obviously from the looks of things the girl is much more interested in crowing loudly over her own superior tastes in virtually EVERYTHING, not just books.

I do believe that if she were as enamored with the written word as she claims she is, if she's TRULY interested in exploring the shade and nuance of books, she wouldn't degrade one's choice of literature by dismissing it or accepting it with a cursory 'yes' or 'no' in the same tone I might use to discuss my hatred of Thai food or pink bedspreads.

azules commenting on this entry in my journal, and discussing the hilarity that is Book_Wank_Central
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