things that decay, things that rust (erlking) wrote in metaquotes,
things that decay, things that rust

The fabulous bites_the_sun, from a locked post (w/ permission) containing a beautiful rant slamming literary snobbism.

"Because when it comes to writing, being enjoyable, entertaining and god fucking forbid, funny, at the same time as being intellectually stimulating and culturally significant is well nigh impossible. No, really. It's been proven by a first year philosophy students with bad haircuts and self-important twats with badly-written livejournals that one quality automatically cancels out the other (those illiterate, 16th century proles who rated Shakespeare because of the plots and the dick jokes don't count - they hadn't been to university after all). As is the indisputable fact that it is impossible to read critically and be entertained yet and at the same time."
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