james (sim_james) wrote in metaquotes,

Rain rain rain

   It’s raining here in Sydney at the moment, which is rather unusual considering our dam-draining drought. dr_nic had the following to say about what this does to our populace:

dr_nic: It's mornings like this — cold and wet — that I'm reminded how much I love Sydney.
It's like we huddle together in some blanket-like collective uconsciousness. "Jesus! Fucking! Christ!" we seem to say to ourselves. "There's water! And it's... it's falling from THE SKY! I cannot EVER recall seeing anything like this before. Quickly — we must panic!

   And from the Comments...

lillim: Last summer, I was waiting at Central for a train. (YOu know I could just end that story here, but I wont). It was a typical summer day - hot, a very mild breeze. The train, of course, was late, and i was starting to get annoyed when that soothing recorded voice came over the loudspeaker. "Due to adverse weather conditions, the 3:56 train for all stations to Bankstown via Regents Park has been cancelled for today only"

Adverse Weather Conditions?! What, did the train feel sleepy and needed a little nap in the sunshine? Did we replace our tracks with chocolate the last time we upgraded the rail system?

   There’s more here; I found it all rather droll!

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