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So, better than a week ago I asked the wonderful _redpanda_ if I could make a post in the community about my community. She gave me the go ahead, but before I could I turned my brand new laptop into a rather expensive coaster. In case anyone was wondering, tripping on the power cord and yanking the computer so hard it lands screen side down, slamming closed, and hits so hard the battery pops out and lands next to the computer...makes the computer cranky. And is, oddly enough, just a bad idea all around.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with my little community. The community came about when I did a search for communities for fanfic quotes. Being the fanfic junkie I am I've collected more than a few quotes. When I didn't find any, I made my own. And this seemed the perfect place to go about promoting it. So I give you....


Happy quoting. =D
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