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This is romance?

cumaeansibyl provides commentary on advice for men on romance. The entire post is hysterical as all get out but this part was my favorite.

Look, romance novels are so badly written that no one's actually reading them for the dialogue. Romance novels are basically Masturbation-Aid Lite. Nobody masturbates to scenes of sweet, respectful sharing of emotions between equals. And if you do, thank you for reading this, Andrea Dworkin.

For the record, I did this letting-it-fall-open thing with a book of short stories I own, and it fell open to a scene where a young woman, having dressed as a leatherboy, gets fucked up the ass by a gay man in a leather nightclub while giving a blowjob through a glory hole. And there isn't a lot of talking, either, except such tender words as "Are you ready for me, little boy?" and "Holy God, my ass!"
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