Meredith (exit_chrysalis) wrote in metaquotes,

from soniczen , here, about Hurricane Charley:

my dad watches so many movies and shit that everything he says to me sounds like totally dramatized, like as if it were from a movie...for instance, i am spending the night at jessies tonight because the storm and i live in the projects (AKA: cardboard houses) when i am leaving, my dad is like, "Son!"
"Yeah..." I say, halting in the doorway. He advances and grabs hold of my shoulders with firm hands, looking straight into my eyes with an austere expression of fatherly compassion, "Dont be a hero, you hear me?"
" really think i wo..."
"I know how it is, but if something happens, like the goat disappears, you wait until after the storm to find it."

The rest of the post is really great too; it's all about his dad's crazy political beliefs that are based on action movies.

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