The Cynic (vivian_shaw) wrote in metaquotes,
The Cynic

Mothra's revenge

Yes, you heard me a giant moth. A big, fat, fuck-off size moth. A moth with fangs and a wingspan the size of Basingstoke. A moth the size of the thing out the Godzilla movies, only a damn sight harder to catch and without a retinue of helpful Japanese technicians who know how to turn the thing off or make it go back in its box or whatever. The mother, father, sister, brother, and moustachioed evil uncle of all moths. A moth with plans to conquer the known universe, enslave mankind and star in a remake of one of those 1950's giant-insect-runs-amok movies, only one with a happier ending for the insect community and possibly a 'irradiation good, mothballs bad' subtext. And some showtunes. (I'm thinking Planet Of The MothGirls, with Helena Bonham Carter and Elizabeth Berkely trying to break into showbusiness while mysteriously sprouting antennae and developing not only a vicious rivalry over who owns the nicest pair of strap-on butterfly wings but also an aversion to citronella).


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