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bored people are scary...

From this entry, though you may have to go back to this one to make it make sense...

And I know this is semi-quoting myself, but it is funny...)

In regards to the last post:

Me: Three guesses as to what the Flood's power was
nematoddity: AAAAACK.
Me: Yeah. That about sums it up. Though he could form it into shapes like giant monsters . . .
nematoddity: EWWW.
Me: Starcross was the only one willing to get close enough to beat the flood. Go figure
nematoddity: Man, when I get bored, I shave off my eyebrows. When you get bored, you invent coprophilic supervillains. One of us is messed up. :-)
Me: I can't help it, the weird stuff just comes to me.
nematoddity: I understand. You're impaired.
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