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The Game that Ate the World

angel_of_olore posts about Halloween costumes:

Halloween is my favorite holiday- which should be obvious, I suppose, from the fact that I'm posting about it more than two-and-a-half months in advance.

Thanks to a comment conversation with brazenbells, I have decided to be...


A Sim!

Now... I just have to decide out of what to make the giant green diamond that floats over my head. Poster board? Papier-mache? Something else?

Of course, Halloween is more than dressing in a costume for me; it's playing a character. So, the next seventy-five days or so shall be devoted to learning Simlish. I already know a few choice phrases, such as:

"Vedish neh!" - "Look at me, dumbass. I need something."

*wordless whimper* - "In approximately two seconds, I'm going to pee on myself then cry about it."

"Howela howla bur lahtay." - "I'm talking about something. It might be aliens. It might be politics. It might be the sixties. Look at the little bubble over my head and see."

"Veem, veem." - "Are you listening to me?"
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