Invading a personal space near you (blunder_buss) wrote in metaquotes,
Invading a personal space near you

A funny and weird exchange between oontzgrrl and rubyfire --

Oontzgrrl: Ok. In most of my fantasies I am like some super cool ninja assasin who knows several flavors of kung fu (yeah yeah I know ninjas are japanese and kung fu is chinese) and when people mouth off to me I am able to do awesome backflips and kicking things, but that's my fantasy life. In real life rarely (meaning never) does that sort of thing happen. Are you sure you don't have the two worlds confused? Regardless stealing his wallet would be very very misguided if in fact, this was the real world in which your story happened.

Rubyfire: I dunno. Maybe this guy is telling the truth. Sometimes I morph into a samurai and can take everyone with my laser vision.

Seriously. I saw it later on the 5 o'clock news.

Oontzgrrl: Dude laser vision is so cool. But If you're a samurai and I am a ninja I think we're supposed to fight.

Rubyfire: I can see the newspaper headlines.

"2 women kill each other while in 2 completely different hallucinations."

See the whole debacle here.
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