Brassy Hag (miggy) wrote in metaquotes,
Brassy Hag

Two for the price of one!


During the commercial break, my husband and I started to make out a bit (what can I say--it was late and we were giggly after the Colbert bit) and the Daily Show came back on, and my husband said, "we can't fondle each other while we're watching Clinton!" And I said, "of course we can! This is what Clinton would want us to do!"


I just had a fortune cookie for a snack, and it contained three fortunes, in this order:

You will travel far and wide, both business and pleasure.
A nice cake is waiting for you.
Wish you a good journey.

So I get to go somewhere and have cake! I'm sad to report that the cookie did not include my intinerary, so I don't know where the cake is. I hope that it's still fresh when I get there.
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