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My Fenriz pastede on yey

caprinus, in the delectably readable Naamah's journal here:

[setting: an idyllic meadow of MSN Messenger chat, in the shade of the many-branched Internet-Yggdrasil]
[Dramatis Personae:
-Naamah, our heroine.
-Naamah's lust-pony (NL-P), a teenaged object of desire.
-The World.]

Naamah: "So, you broke up with your deplorable excuse for a boyfriend?"
Naamah's lust-pony (NL-P): "y, teh bastad. wait, how do u now i hd a boyfrnd?"
Naamah: "Uh... I sort of accidentally read it in your LiveJournal?"
NL-P: "u have a crush on me, don't u? *blushs*"
Naamah: "No, whatever gave you that idea? I mean..."
NL-P: "Oh goode, cuz I want 2 eat u"
Naamah: "Excuse me?"
NL-P: "u herd me. I want 2 eat u like Skoll eating the sun. yor pussy wll open 4 me like Fenrir's jaws & spit gurl-joos like Jormungand's venom"
The World [pauses]: ...
Naamah [snaps]: "OMG! WTF??? *dies*"
The World [ENDS]: RaGN%4^rokH]D]^Z... [NO CARRIER]
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