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tviokh discusses the upcoming election here. She didn't mean it to be funny, but it is... perhaps it's just that it's commentary on an admittedly funny situation:

Somehow it makes it worse that they're from Europe. It's kind of like having your mom looking over your shoulder on something that shouldn't be any of her goddamned business anyway. We're supposed to be the Democracy Clearinghouse of the world. Nobody's supposed to do it better, we wrote the proverbial book on modern democracy. Yes, I know it's mostly a fallacy; we're an oligarchy if we're anything but...still...embarrassing to have to have the rest of the world stand about like a fat, sadistic nun with a ruler, just itching to slap our wrists at the first hint of disobedience. Great, my Ego's fighting with my Logic before 8:30am.
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