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Taken from boho's journal.

Conversation with the family:
Mother: Oooh Jason and the Argonauts is on later.
Freddy: What’s that?
Me: *explains*
Freddy: Oh, so that’s where Hercules comes from.
Father: Huh?
Freddy: Like they did Cheers and then Frasier, they did this and then Hercules. A spin-off.
Mother: *dead*
Father: *dead*
Me: *dead*

ETA: Taken from ewacat's LJ this time.

ME: I feel so swindled. I want a STORM damnit. I DEMAND one. It ISN'T FAIR that other people have a storm and I DON'T. GIVE ME A STORM, DAMN YOU SKY.
DAD: :O!
ME: Leave the offerings and sacrifices outside my door, I'm off to start my cult of worship as I am evidently an all-powerful goddess.
DAD: Don't let it go to your head or anything.
ME: No. I am humble and modest. And I could kill you with my pinky finger.
DAD: Oh, do I tremble.
ME: Thank you, I do try.
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