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Stop Thesaurus Rape!

From the comments on this post, where sariel_di offers some input on the awful thesaurus-rape of some RPers running around today:
...[facepalm] Okay, kids, THIS is why incest is taboo - the inbreeding. Because this is what you get when a mommy/sister dictionary and a daddy/brother dictionary and the neighbor's horse get together and have kinky sex in the local radioactive waste dump. That's not a thesaurus. That doesn't even bear passing resemblance to a thesaurus. That's daddy dictionary bukkake all over the baby mutant-writingguide's face.

labrums, labios, velvets, labias, kissers = lips

... Dear God, do I want to see a desc in a Harry Potter game or something where a female character's described as having "full red labias". That almost beats out the fanfic-ML-parody reference to Princess Labia, Mary Sue.

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