Was I in it? (alligatorandme) wrote in metaquotes,
Was I in it?

Brains! Brains!

Taken from broadway, here.

scarletkittygr wrote in broadway

go here. only if you’re cool.
yeah, community whoring. it’s mandatory. (delete if this is absolutely not allowed...)

go. only if you’re actually cool though, because you’ll get reamed if you have any sense of lameness. promise.
and don’t dare post anything funny, even if it makes you happy. There is no humor in your pathetic daily life, asshole.
*big huge glittering smile.*

GO NOW. prove your worth.


gruyere: How stinkingly spammy and off-topic.

I mean, get a brain. They’re half-off at K-Mart this weekend.

the_loebster: Holy shit, K-Mart sells brains, but then again, would you really want a K-Mart brain? If I were you, I’d go in for the higher-quality ones, you know, the kind you get at school. (That would be the universal ‘you’, not you personally)

gruyere: I got mine fairly cheap at Caldor when they were closing down, then bought some cheap Japanese upgrades online. It’s kinda patchy, but it works pretty well, and I usually get uptimes in the multiple days.

Edit: Original entry is gone. Enjoy here, exclusively!
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