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That, and I had an argument with my car. It's first day back, and I actually had an argument with my car. Went along the lines of,

Me, "Isn't this great, Car? You and me, together again, on the open road, wind in our- well, my hair."
Car, "...."
Me, "It would be cool if your AC worked, though. It's really hot in here."
Car, "..."
Me, "Haaaaaangin Arouuuuuuuuuuund - nuthin to do but Froooooooown! Rainy days and Mon- oh. It's Saturday. Have to pick another song to sing. Cause your radio doesn't work. Pity about that, too."
Car, "..."
Me, "Stuffy in here, isn't it? Here, I'll get the window -" I don't know how, but somehow that piece of hand between my thumb and forefinger got wound up in the window-roller-downer-thingy. And it was stuck. "*$^##$&*$)#$&*#�%*�(@&%(*&*($&**&^�$^*(*�&!"
Car, "..."
Me, "&%%%$%$%&&%@@$$##!"
Car, "Well don't look at me."
Me, "%^$#%#^HELP&*^%$#!" Somehow I managed to get my hand out, but it hurt like a bitch afterwards and it's now very purple and gross. "What the hell was that?!"
Car, "Your fault."
Me, "NO! What the - I just got you back, why are you being this way?!"
Car, "It was your fault, anyway."
Me, "It freggin wasn't, you piece of crap - I sacrificed my paycheck for you, ya know!"
Car, "And it took you a month to get me fixed! You should've just left me there!"
Me, "Of course I wouldn't! I love you!"
Car, "Yeah, well, I don't love you"
Me, "But - yes you do!"
Car, "No, I haven't loved you for a long time. You're in love with yourself. You never pay any attention to me, and qutie frankly, for a while now I haven't cared"
Me, "Well this is news"
Car, "Yeah, well, deal"
Me, " do love me! You let me sing when your radio doesn't work, and -"
Car, "Hey, stick your fingers in my tape player, and see what happens!"
Me, "I'm not falling for that."
Car, "Yeah - for once."
Me, "POS."
Car, "Balding aging future alcoholic manager of BK."
Me, *long long pause* "I'm sorry - what?"
Car, "Yeah, bitch. Please."

- beckyincharge
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