Sunfell (sunfell) wrote in metaquotes,

From customers_suck

Gotta wonder what else poor infernogoddess has to put up with if she has customers like these:

Ok so im sure some have had the ever loving photo working experience. I guess people do not relieze that we can SEE the photos we develope. This concept must be to much for them I swear. Anyways I develope this kids pictures of him and all his naked glory (not to great i might add). Well we are not allowed to give customers any kind of naked pictures that involve anything sexual or frontal shots.

NG - naked guy
NGF - naked guys friend
Me - loving photo tech that I am

Me- Sir, we were unable to print some of your pictures.
NG- Why not?
Me- I go on to explain its against policy
NG- Well you liked what you saw didnt you?

now yes this guy is cute and most would be dumbfounded by this question

Me- No, i have bigger and better at home. (very matter of factly)
NG- .........
NGF's could not stop laughing even as they walked out the door

It was great satisfaction to say it in the first place but even greater that his friends would be talking about it for days. :)
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