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She's particularly metaquotable lately...

Picked up my car today, and yes, it *did* devour my paycheck. I literally had a moment of hallucination where Mike (the mechanic) pounced on me, stole my paycheck, crumpled it into a ball, doused it in chocolate syrup and gulped it down in two bites.

Then my mom mentioned something about paying half, so I should be seeing a hundred bucks from her. One day. Not holding my breath for it.

...I got into my car for the first time in weeks, turned the key and the engine started! No sputtering! It was like poetry in motion, the way I nearly backed into three other cars and almost hit an oncoming one while trying to get on Malabar. And it all became clear to me. That's what has been tormenting me. I've missed my car.

I missed the way the radio never works unless the sun is down, or behind the clouds. I missed that static sound that if you happen to turn it on when you're not quite awake yet, you're convinced Satan is attempting to contact you but instead choked on a hairball. I really missed that incredibly gross sticky feeling you get after attempting to ride in it without an AC...or the obscenely bad tanlines that result. I missed the rust. I missed the cigarette lighter thats been yanked brutally out of the socket.


- beckyincharge
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