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Trollprincess for Dictator!

Text and comments on that text from a post of the oft-quoted apocalypsos. I'm quoted in this, but that's only because it lead to her making more of teh funny.

apocalypsos: Also, I love Don & Mike, I do. You know that story from a while back about the sex bracelets? Well, today the guys were talking about them and what the colors meant, and they proposed that we should combine the terror alerts with the sex bracelet meanings. For example, red means everyone gets a lap dance, orange means everybody gets a kiss, yellow means everybody gets a hug, blue means all the boys get blow jobs, and green means all the chicks get blows jobs.

You heard that, folks. Less manipulative fear, more blow jobs!

Hmm. I wonder if I could get Kerry and Edwards to use that as a campaign slogan.

fireborn: But the level is never green!

apocalypsos: Dude, chicks are fifty-two percent of the poulation. I think for constant oral sex, we could form an army, install martial law, and make it green.

arden_ranger: When are you running for dictator? 'Cause I can get behind that idea.

apocalypsos: One does not run for dictator. One walks up behind the president and whacks him upside the head until he starts drooling more than usual or it stops being fun, whichever comes first, then one declares themself dictator.
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