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spectacular is rambling as usual, this time about why she hates Adult Swim:

Because, really, it's entirely the network's fault and not mine at all that I'm, for some twisted and unexplained reason, yearning for a time when I wore hats with cat ears on them and called everything "kawaii desu ne!" No, I am better than that. I say "bloody," "sod," and "wanker," and buy over-priced house scarves whilst lusting after underage British school boys, and reading way too much into absofuckinglutely everything they do. OMG HARRY IS HAVING A STARING CONTEST WITH ZACHARIAS. IT'S TRUE LOVE. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY "CHILDREN'S BOOK"? Man. Fangirls don't change. They just change fandoms. Ignoring paragraph breaks is fun.
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