Idealist Trapped in a Cynical World (paradisacorbasi) wrote in metaquotes,
Idealist Trapped in a Cynical World

Phone Wrath!

"*hates with the acidity of a thousand refluxing stomachs*

I've applied for a waiver of this thoroughly incomprehensible and...on a certain intrinsic level...downright insulting bit of company policy. The very nice customer service rep with whom I spoke said that waiver applications are rare and approvals are even more rare. Too smeggin' bad. If Cingular doesn't approve my very reasonable request of a waiver they're going to hear from me on a daily basis. I will weasel some special number out of a harangued and beaten customer rep and I will call it Every.Day. until some piece of ragged corporate slime relents and/or ends up waking up in tears after dreaming of yet another call from me. *rubs hands together in anticipation of license for relentlessness*

Part of me wants them to deny my oh-so-reasonable-and-justified request just so that I can fight it. Just thinking about it makes a wee amount of adrenaline surge and my breath quicken.

--unanon on the fact that she has relatives in Mexico, but her cellphone company has a policy of no international calls for at least six months after you start your service with them.

From a locked entry, permission given to share quote.
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