her dress was a ship at sail (bnh) wrote in metaquotes,
her dress was a ship at sail

The post in hoom_hoom: Oh my god, Elijah Wood has the most annoying laugh ever. o.O

aerindipity: I agree. He is also highly stupid. So why do I have such a crush on him?

Oh, the mysteries of the universe shall never be solved...
bnh: Ahahah, he is sort of cute, when he doesn't, um, speak. Or laugh.
aerindipity: Or move. Really, he's only attractive when he stands there and looks angsty.

And yet... damn.

(also in response to aerindipity) weetanya: perhaps it's because he's a great actor, but terrible at improv?
aerindipity: Replace "great actor" with "sex muffin", and I agree completely.

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