Irony (ironychan) wrote in metaquotes,

spectacular is being funny again:

Consider this a public service announcement.

If I see one more icon, or journal handle, or layout, or anything for that matter featuring such phrases as "demonic angel," "tainted perfection," or "stained innocence," I think I may scream. Call me crazy, but cliché, and completely irrational contradictions like that annoy me. Either they totally negate themselves (i.e. "demonic angel") or the words have no bearings on each other and make no fucking sense (i.e. "emerald sorrow").

LET ME MAKE ONE THING CLEAR. Throwing out mini-phrases like this does not make you sound cool. It makes you sound like you haven't the faintest fucking idea what you're talking about. If something is tainted, IT ISN'T PERFECT. Remorse HAS NO COLOUR. Nonsensical contradictions are not the new fucking pink. Shoving a pretty-sounding noun and adjective together is not unique. Nor is it profound. If I see this one more time, I may just go apeshit.

Thank you. That is all.
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