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Two bits of ranting by amaltheae:

On a random side note, can anyone explain to me why every Starbucks in the world believes that low, romantic mood lighting is a good thing for a bathroom? I may be completely unusual in this, but I don't generally sniff toilet paper to tell if we're reached an all clear yet. I prefer to be able to actually SEE it, which makes romantic lighting both bizzare in its own right, as well as counter-productive to the actual goings on that happen in such a facility.


Is the road closed entirely and there was a shortage on road closed signs this week? Are we hiring dyslexic monkeys to place our signs at this point to cut costs? Has the road crew invested in all the major insurance firms and they just want to watch everyone try to cross each other while they make money? What in bloody hell is going on? And I am not talking about one sign point that could have been an oops, either. I am talking about 5 miles of signs that were all consistent in their impossibility.
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