Big Fat Ugly Bug-faced Baby-eating O'Brien (jellyfishkiss) wrote in metaquotes,
Big Fat Ugly Bug-faced Baby-eating O'Brien

From an IM conversation about the johnxjohn community merrickm posts on his journal.

JallakMien: I think the Bush campaign should find this community. And figure out some way to use it to their advantage in attack ads. That'd be great.
JustBrethe: LoL yes
JustBrethe: "Kerry and Edwards are using their realitively good looks to destroy the morals and decency of this country's impressionable youth"
JustBrethe: it would show all these giggly young girls on their computers making icons
JustBrethe: "Do you want YOUR daughters writing porn about YOUR president?"
JustBrethe: "When your children turn 18, they need to vote for a president, not publicize lewd fantasies about them. Take the safe route."
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