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oberongieger imagines a game developers' meeting in this post.

Walter: "You know what the problem with the gaming industry is these days, Alan? People have gotten lazy. Every time they want something to happen, they just hit a button. Wanna shoot a guy in the face? Push a button. Wanna make a dude jump? Push a button. Slam on the brakes of your car? Hit the button. Do a combat roll? Button. It's all about buttons, always with the buttons."

Alan: "They are pretty useful."

Walter: "Well now I stand up and say to you, no more! We will not be a party to the downfall of this industry at the hands of a button-crazed user base. Look to your history, god dammit. Did Centipede need a button?"

Alan: "Yeah, the 'fire' button."

Walter: "You shut your fucking mouth. Did Pac-Man need a button? Did Adventure need a button? Did Custer's Revenge need a button? Did, uh... Ms. Pac-Man need a button? Fuck no. Buttons are the past and we are the future. I ask you now to look to your controllers, see the direction they are taking and embrace destiny."
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