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From ladyjaida's Otakon report (large graphics, may take a while to load):
Then we changed out of costume and headed to line up for the L'Arc~En~Ciel concert, which spawned my hot and disgruntled self portrait. Luckily, though we waited in the impressive heat for over forty-five minutes, we ended up with really decent seats, and my love of L'Arc~En~Ciel increased exponentially. The best part was when the bassist came out with a bunch of bananas and asked the audience, quite cheerfully, "DO YOU WANT TO EAT MY BANANA?" (He asked in capslock, too.) The audience's response, while not so specifically articulated, was "YES HOT DAMN DO I WANT TO EAT YOUR BANANA." (I don't blame the audience.) "DO YOU WANT TO EAT ... MY BANANA?" he demanded for a second time. "WE WANT TO FELLATE YOUR BANANA," the audience more or less replied. So, he did what any sane bassist would do. He chucked his bananas at the audience. (Banana-related injuries: two. Can you imagine coming home from a concert with a large lump on your head and explaining to your mother and father, "Oh, that, that's nothing, I was the lucky fan who got hit by L'Arc~En~Ciel's banana!" ? No. I thought not.)
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